Do I need to be home for the estimate or tree work?

Since many homeowners are at work during the day, we often provide our services without the customer being present.

Is there a best time of year for trees to be pruned?

Pruning can be done any time of the year as long as no more than 25% of the living crown is being removed at one time.

How much do your tree services cost?

Each tree or group of trees is unique, so we price jobs by reviewing the accessibility of the tree, the size of the tree, the level of difficulty (are there power lines or other hazards involved), and the amount of work to be done on the tree.  Our estimator takes all of these factors into account when finalizing your proposal.  

Is CS Tree Services Insured?

Yes, CS Tree Services has General Liability and Workman’s Compensation policies of $2,000,000 and $1,000,000 respectively.  We also have an additional umbrella policy for expenses over those limits. These policies protect our customers and employees.  A copy of our insurance certificate is sent with each estimate we provide.

I think my trees aren’t accessible by a bucket truck or crane. Can you still provide the service?

Yes, the skill of the Arborist climber is one even a modern day tree company cannot function without.  We have multiple certified climbers on staff to deal with those “hard to get to” trees.  Valuable rigging techniques can also be utilized to make sure debris is lowered to the ground in a controlled manner.  Our estimator can advise you on the technical methods that can be used to access your trees. 

Can you give me mulch from my trees?

Absolutely, we generally chip into our trucks and then dump the chips wherever you request that is feasible.  Letting us know during the estimate process is nice but not necessary.  You can also request it on the day of the service. There is no added fee if you decide to keep your woodchips.

Can I keep the wood from my trees for firewood?

If you desire firewood to be left onsite we can do that.  Just let us know at the time the proposal is given so we can make a note of it. 

Where does the wood go?

It goes to one of these places: We leave the wood or wood chips with the customer by request, give it to a resident who has requested free wood chips, or the wood chips are sent to a biomass facility which burns the wood to produce energy.  Creating energy from waste wood such as this is a carbon-neutral method of energy production.

Can I request free wood chips if I don't have a tree service done?

Yes. You can sign up on this GetChipDrop website and when a tree service is in your area with extra wood chips they will contact you for drop details. This will connect you not only to us but any other tree company who uses the site as a wood chip resource.